Sunday, June 15, 2008

fashion now!

hair in the front up with clip!! its the fashion now in uae - the fashion icon who did first was Ayumi hamasaki for her latest look with new long hair and new single Mirrocle world and since she does everytime with new look, all the world waiting for her next step because she does with style

I tried to show you how it the hair it should look in the front as i could with her photos.

everyone knows about her latest video clip in paris with great collection of dress and looks. leave you with her latest video. I can't wait who will steal her video ideas like everytime next ? ;)


Ayumi said...

ايومي عااد محد مثلها رهيييييبه...

اانا اكبر معجبه ..


fashionjaw said...

glad to hear that lol :)