Wednesday, January 30, 2008

bling bling girls fashion in uae

There is an article written by Queen Mahra my friend in Highclass Forum and it's interesting issue about the ladies who wear lot of things at once. She made me notice while i go shopping to the girls who now wear Men's watch like Big Rolex men's watch with heavy bracelets and a ring in each hand. Yes it's true and it's a fashion ---- for them

to read more about it visit Highclassforumby Queen Mahra with pictures presenting her as them wearing lots of things at once.
I think they need a wake up call or something, girls are going too far and even sellers can't stop laughting at them.

Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Takashi Murakami & LV again

After the big success of making the multicolour, Takashi Murakami exhibits with LV exclusively at Moca, LA until 11 Feb. 2008 in the store which created by LV.
Takashi Murakami is one of the biggest Takashi Murakami who has special visions of his own.
to view more photos visit highclassforum

Monday, January 28, 2008

familiar look

familiar face? no not all the photos of Natalie Portman - there is a photograph of Audrey Hepburn in her no.6 movie Secret People by between the three photos up there. Can you tell which one? it's the last one.
I really can't understand why they let Jennifer love to be Audrey in her TV- story, while they have Natalie? I can't forget her photo in the cover of Vogue with the short hair, she looks like real 50s women. However, no one looks like Audrey in the way she enters thousands hearts.

to know more about Audrey's and her style read my old post in high class forum

Thursday, January 24, 2008

fashionjaw and Marks & Spencer

a hat from 70 dirhams to 35 dirhams in Marks & Spencer special 50% not bad at all.. i got all the things i had in mind for our cold weather. If you want some good collection of Jacket i suggest to check on Dibinhams store. I also got N95 it doesn't mean that I'm not fan of Sony ericsson anymore but they really need to check on their latest mobiles because it doesn't last long.

Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Chanel spring 2008 Couture and hair style

just wanted to share with you a new kind of hair style that have been done to the show of Chanel spring Couture 2008, I think the whole collection makes me feel that I'm in the theatre watching Swan lake.. the beautiful swan while she opens her wings and fly by dancing and you can't help noticing the hair, brooches and the gowns.

love the collection, it would be great for new ballerinas for their plays.

Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Natalie Portman te casan shoes !!

remember this post about Natalie Portman's and te casan shoes? Now it's online!! The whole cute simple collection under the name of Natalie Portman. You can order your favourite now and most of them limited
All of Portman’s proceeds will be donated to the Nature Conservancy, a non profit that works tirelessly to protect ecologically fragile lands and bodies of water.

Sunday, January 20, 2008

Kirsten Dunst for Miu Miu

A better choice than Lindsay, Miu Miu picked the good model this time which is Kirsten Dunst !! She is soooooo Miu Miu in my point of view. Luv the sunglasses on her, dresses and bags. The best model for their colourful collection. to view more photos visit highclassforum

beyonce's new hair colour

I noticed her hair style in milan fashion. I really adored her new elegant and calm look. Luv it

Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Marc Jacob's new ad with Victoria!

it's time to choose victoria for labels' ads..but what an ad!! it's for Marc Jacob's new 2008 with a funny way shows victoria getting out from the bag.
Victoria is going to be in the cover of Vogue next time. Can't wait to see.

Monday, January 14, 2008

fashionjaw fav. style

you can always watch sex & the city because it makes you feel you want to wear your best dress,bags, shoes..etc and look great. I think season five was the best of carrie's look - the short hair looks so cute for her face and the bright colour she uses. yes she was pregnant on this season but they really let her look great!! my fav. look is the first picture marni's dress and jacket and the second photo, her look is so elegant with the lovely leiber's clutch.

My assistant is trying her best to please me. There are funny moments when she reply on my mobile: hello? my boss is busy now can i leave her a message? then they tell her she won't understand what they want and they have to talk to me now lol. but i keep telling her that you give them reasons and talk with them about the problem and she did.
She is very smart girl and really helpfull. She has bright future. wish her all the best.

I'm writing my shopping list - fashionjaw must have for 2008 -- i will show you when i am done.

Sunday, January 13, 2008

Christina aguilera and Nicole Richie gave birth

In the same LA hospital Christina Aguilera and Nicole Richie gave birth to their first.
Christina has a baby boy and few minutes after Nicole has baby girl.
lets' see if they will stay in shape after pregnancy...I think they will.

Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Laurin Conrad collection

Lauren Conrad the star of THE HILLS has a lovely simple collection by her own

simple and chic - what i like the most is the hair .. it would be really nice if girls here will start making this kind of hair style for parties and wedding.

Two kinds of people I can hardly stay with in one room
-People who have bad taste and they want to stay like that forever.
-Unsophisticated people

Sunday, January 6, 2008

my suhali lockit!! finally!

Isn't she a beauty!! just wanted to share my Suhali lv.
My friend from Egypt is getting married soon, I'm so happy for her and i was planning to get her speedy 35. it will be good for her. Why i like LV? because you can wear them for yrs and yrs.
how you shop for bags? you have first to compare prices between here and outside..then you go buy it from here if there is no big difference. but in UK these days everything 50% off for most of the bags but LV
happy shopping everyone :) any help just hit me! lol

Christian Louboutin in Oprah show

Shoe master Christian Louboutin will be in the show for the first time. The talk show host will feature a mini-film of Christian in Paris. you can't miss it.

Friday, January 4, 2008

Natalie and Te Casan shoes!!

Starwars's star Natalie Portman designed a vegan collection of shoes in collaboration with Te Casan.
The Natalie Portman Collection launches February 2008 online and to view Te Casan's shoes visit their
website here.

Can't help but love her red shoes!!