Thursday, June 19, 2008

Sale! Sale! Sale!

Sale emirates towers / burjuman and soon in Emirates mall
after HN. Al Salam, Saks, Valentino and Gucci, everyone else starting to make sale to bring the new collection up. I went to burjman yesterday
bebe has really nice collection and sexy may i say and their sale will start at the end of july. The only reason i went to burjman this time to get shoes!! i need colourful shoes..yellow! hot red, i got
grey mer's shoes in sale..they were soo comfortable. Then i went to Studio Pollini from Pollini and got this amazing grey shoes.. You know the ad when the lady walks with grey dress and grey shoes? i couldn't help resisting them.. classical no regrets shoes :) and sooo comfortable.
and finally for you all, i tell you to get the best shoes for your legs no matter what label have to know that it will only be great because it's in your legs!
i walk in the shoes store - i pick few styles of shoes that i know will be great for my feet - everyone in the store is saying: do you know you have great legs that goes well for the shoes?
i keep telling them: i know :)
when i try a good shoe i know that it will be great on me otherwise i won't try it even if i hear this is the fashion now!! it looks amazing on you! i don't care! the only thing i care about is do i like it ? and does it really look good on me?
when you feel and trust your body or for example your legs that they are irresistible and beautiful, then you have to know that everyone else when they will at you they will feel the same.
don't wait anyone to tell you how great your legs are
say after me:
i love my legs
i love my legs
i love my legs
i have the best legs in the earth !
treat them well.. walk infront of the mirror and see the best side of your legs
use Vaseline .. it will not take time from you --at night, moisturize your legs and go to sleep - it will keep them shinny and protective - treat them with masks.

My advice for sale? go now before the festival!

Sunday, June 15, 2008

fashion now!

hair in the front up with clip!! its the fashion now in uae - the fashion icon who did first was Ayumi hamasaki for her latest look with new long hair and new single Mirrocle world and since she does everytime with new look, all the world waiting for her next step because she does with style

I tried to show you how it the hair it should look in the front as i could with her photos.

everyone knows about her latest video clip in paris with great collection of dress and looks. leave you with her latest video. I can't wait who will steal her video ideas like everytime next ? ;)

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

proud of ..... :)

First, I'm proud of my dear Jewelry designer Fatima Al Qassimi for her exclusive great interview with the national – read more about the interview

Second, I'm proud of my friends at
Cond̩ Nast Interactive and editor alexandra shulman for their great three amazing cover of UK Vogue and website with July Cover for Uma Thurman - Agyness Dyen - Victoria beckham РSophie Dahl

I have to say they were my fav. covers for this year :)
I've been busy with photo shooting again - more to come later