Sunday, September 30, 2007

fashionjaw must have!!

Chloe bay bag is amazing specially with mischa. she looks adorable with her chloe' bay bag

I am planning to get one soon. Chloe is a very high class label and many great designers were working under Chloe like Stella Mc. and in 2006 with Paulo Melim Andersson they have the amazing collection this year!! great leather with useful bag and great colours.

Wednesday, September 26, 2007

coco mademoiselle!!

keira is the new face of coco chanel perfume coco mademoiselle !!
with her stunning gown and glamorous hair style like coco chanel main designer. the results went out perfect with coco mademoiselle tv ad.

behind the scenes

Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Hermes birkin's bag

victoria is stunning with her new look and colourful wear with birkin pink bag but my fav. is the last one and one day i am gonna get it.
people who don't know birkin its Hermes most wanted which started with jane birkin when she met the head of Hermes back in 1980's and was having problems with her bag so he designed birkin bag and since then everyone is asking for it
Hermes bags made my the most expensive fine leather and you can keep this bag as much as you want and you can use it anywhere. its fashion and useful for your goods while traveling or visiting friends and going for shopping.

Sunday, September 16, 2007

the new issue is out for ramadan

Its out for this month, you can check it at highclassladies forum here and to view last issues you have to sign in because the old issues inside the private forum

my outfit for eid

some photos of my basic outfit for eid with CH bag and golden outfit from Harvey Nicholas

and cute earings and ring fron genero it was a gift from my special friend :) for my birthday which is same of hers.

sweets in ramadan

Ramadan always special and it comes only one month in a year and we are lucky enough to live it. starting with lights and special jalabyas and then the sweets
here are some photos for the sweets i have done yesterday for friends
more details visit highclassladies forum

Wednesday, September 12, 2007

fashion jaw must have for Yoga!

Yoga changed my life ! I really hope the classes will stay for a year and i hope some of the ladies will be aware next few months about how yoga is important for their health and beauty.

I was searching for so long about yoga special socks, outfits and finally
Stella McCartney designed a great collection with adidas.

and i love the purple outfit because it comes good in me.

for more details check me in high class ladies forum.

shopping at Saharah mall and fashion jaw must have!

nothing interesting, advice for you , dont even think of getting a purse or bag from there. not that much and most of it gone! about the clothes? there are few more pretty stuff they have much better that emirates mall but nothing yet in fashion these days. I guess they are thinking to get new stuff in the middle of ramadan like everybody else or maybe there is no use of bringing because of the beautiful traffic they have :)

I got viva magazine for September!! did i tell you how much i love this magazine? there is a new amazing must have bag from Guess by marciano w/2007 collection and amazing well photographed by the Director and photographer Yu Tsai! and the photoshoot was in Dubai sands!!

VIVA all about where you can get hot stuff, shoes, bags, clothes and it talks about the latest fashion style and great ideas. you can see the headlines in the cover to know how much this magazine is interesting !! i wish there will be one arabic magazine talking about what we need to get and what new stuff we have in uae instead of somewhere else or talking about old things that are gone already months ago !

to check more of the collection of Guess and photos in uaehighclassladies forum where i talked about it

Tuesday, September 11, 2007

fashionjaw must have!

I looooove this new style of fashion its great for everything like yoga practice and work and in the same time you are in style!!

I talked to the designer and i wish i'll have it soon!! and if you are interested in her collection you can check it in eBay Bageegy-Fashion

shopping at emirates mall for eid?

ramadan is coming soon and we don't have time for shopping in ramadan so we have to make sure we get what we need NOW!

i had my abaya from fatla new collection ready to wear and its really great. I have been to emirates mall yesterday and about the collection they have - the only up to fashion i can call is morgan, they have the latest up to date cutting and a very attractive to wear with the latest colours.

however, i won't interested in MNG zuhair morad collection but the only one i like is the black gown and the rest is not really worth to buy.

I entered CH Carolina Herrera and i really loved their new collection of bags and what i really liked about CH that there is no copy of her collection anywhere. If you want to spend your money in a purse or a bag then you should try to have a look to CH - no better than her collection this year.

what i like the most that you can only have one or two of her bags no more for others :)

It was really hard for me to pick the next bag after fendi - because i want a big one and really usefull and to get all my stuff in there and after too much thinking between LV-Prada-Gucci - i've picked CH bag that i can use it in two different ways and i can use it foreva!!!

Monday, September 10, 2007

fashionjaw- must have!

Indy C one of the must have fashionjaw its a great collection and one of my favourite is this one! oh i love their indy bag!! check out their website Indy C fashion is from Australia, lucy is interested to have their new collection in dubai and i hope to be soon so i can get it and enjoy it :)

my own new blog!

Can't believe it finally i have my own private blog and i can say what ever i want!!
all will be for fashion and lifestyle by jaw fashion eyes!

I'm home!