Sunday, December 30, 2007

Louis Vuitton Spring Summer 2008 Ad Campaign

Claudia Schiffer and other super models presented the spring summber 2008 compaign designed by mark jacob for the whole louis Vuitton whole collection. the idea about chicks and cars.
However i liked Suhali Lockit PM and i want to buy it. but still thinking which colour..and what i really love is the white but ofcourse it will be destroyed by my black abayah :(
so i might go for the black but what about the verone?
one more thing.. I noticed that some girls think it's ridiculous to buy expensive hangbags??! I agree with them if they think buyers will through them away after short use. Hangbags lovers are like Jeweleries's lovers and collectors.. it's as expensive as the jewelry these days. What more can i say? if you are going to through your handbag then it's like you are throwing your jewelry away. how simple is that?

Thursday, December 20, 2007

bad timing in looking great?

You wear your best outfit, best make up , your face is glowing and your hair is perfect but no body saw you that time.. you stay awake trying hard to keep going while you want to have rest or to sleep for 30 mins.

then you go - taking of your make up and ur hair and ur outfits , wearing something comfy. and then --------- everybody see you!!

- next year : ok this time you will try your best to look great on the right time.. you know that they will come afternoon, sometimes the next u change the time that u look great... you wear ur best dress, makeup and hair..then no body come that afternoon!! they all came in the morning! and the next day u did the same but they didn't come..they came on the third day or suddenly in the night!

you feel bad, because you want everybody to see ur working hard look for Eid
don't you hate it when it's happening to you?
Do you want some tips that let everybody see you in ur best shape?

if you so tell me ^_*

Monday, December 17, 2007

High Class ladies - issue 5 is online!

Issue 5 is out now - hair and make up saloon al rawaah and the abayah in the cover is one of the "bride Queen" collection of Fantak Abayas.
and you can find dresses from other designers in this issue.
to view the magazine visit highclassforum
P.S. you are not allowed you use the photos of this issue or discuss it in your blog or forum. All copyrighted to HighClassForum.

Thursday, December 13, 2007

looking good under my lab coat?

What is going on with ladies here? First the abayah and now what you wear under the lab coat? The fashion is high in here and most of us thank god well educated I guess. There are million of magazines out there to tell you how to wear and more over there is an internet.
I'm not talking about all of them...
I'm angry because they have no excuse.
Maybe you noticed that stretch stretch, stretch!! their body all in details not only emarati girls but other girls from other nationalities who cover their hair and cover their body with a very tight stretch!

First it's forbiddren to show ur body in detail " the area between legs and ur breast"
Second , it's not even nice to look at. You are in hospital not in a strep dance floor
Third, you don’t look stylish by doing this and most important, you don't look professional.

This is weird because girls who don't cover their hair, don't wear like that.

However, I was thinking that maybe the girls who were comfortable with abayah and wearing whatever they like inside of it thought that the lab coat will do the same job, it doesn't actually, it's open and it shows every detail
So here are some tips that you can wear under your lab coat and you can look nice and cute like the way you want but also in a very professional way that shows that you like ur job and you are here to work.

First look is Beaded-Neck Silk Dress that can be elegant under the lab coat– strong colour to make you awake in the morning and to be shine and noticing. With dark jeans that will be comfortable on you. You can find this style in emirates mall or burjuman or any mall near you. With high heels or law It depends on which one you prefer. Plus same scarf plain colour of ur dress.

2nd look is asymmetrically striped lurex dress that you can find it in French connection store at al ghurair or emirates mall and you can wear it with high waisted jeans with moonstone boots to keep u in style but in the same time we don't want a higher boot in hospital.

Third look is another top from French connection full of 2008 fashion colour with black trouser and fendi bracelet and a nice two colour high heels shoes.
and more to come later
After all, If you will keep doing what u did before then just remove your hair cover because u lost the point of using it.
To all the girls who look nice in lab coat plz help them at least let them read this .
I know I was harsh on all of them, but I say it better than you keep in the wrong direction until it's too late.

Saturday, December 1, 2007

fashionjaw was busy with?

I didn't post lately because i was busy with work / fashion show / photography / other personal issues.
Fantak show was really great with those amazing abayas and each abayah was different and inspiring more than the other one. the models were great. I wish i had a photo to show but it was a private fashion show - i might add later a photo of my abayah from fantak and some of the photoshoot for fantak.
this week i will be busy doing a photoshoot for the next highclassforum issue for make up and dresses.. hope the dresses will be great.
oh and i wish you all a happy national day :)