Thursday, March 27, 2008

my list!!

Finally! my list is online lol
after a lot of studing of what i need and desire here are the collection of my most wanted list for a long lasting lol

Why you have to do a list? because it makes you focus on the things you really need most and not be an easy catch when you go to shop. You will remember your list and what you really need most.

1- sunset boulevard in pomme or amarante both colours are great but i do luv the pomme! and they r great for parties and wedding. you can wear them in two ways.

2- one of my dream since i see classic hollywood movies.

Monogram Hat Box

3- monogram begase to go along with my Hat Box.

4- the amazing speedy 08-09 - when i saw it for the first time i said ( it's mine ) amazing colour and usefull may i say :P

5- black louboutin's shoes that i didn't find it in here.

When i will add more if i remember later. --- so what about you?

Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Farah Alshohomi make up artist

One of the greatest make up artists in U.A.E when we started together for the first issue of high class ladies magazine with kameez empire fashion and accessories, I've notice how clean and classy her make up was.
all of you know how the girls prefer heavy make up and crazy their comments can be like if she did that or if she didn't. This time when they saw her make up for the first time all agreed and admired at once of how professional it was and started to book for their own wedding! Farah touched their souls by a very strange and secret way. We worked again for her own make up ads. and it turned magically romantic looks for brides and girls in parties. Hope you enjoy.

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

shout shout let it out!! sooo 80's

remember the 80s?? amazing huh?
one of my fav. song of fears for tears "shout" can you believe the hair style back then? loool
Agyness Deyn is a great example of 80's idol and all designers loves her because she presents her style with no fear.
leave you with my fav. song lol

Tuesday, March 4, 2008

The amazing LV collection in Paris 08-09

I have to say that i really like this Autumn-winter show more than the summer-spring 08 collection ..
there are many must have bags in the show that i like.. Marc did well this time

today is not my day but we have a great project coming up - let's hope everything going to be well and Mr. Perfect will be happy and let us do one shot and not a million days shot!