Tuesday, June 10, 2008

proud of ..... :)

First, I'm proud of my dear Jewelry designer Fatima Al Qassimi for her exclusive great interview with the national – read more about the interview

Second, I'm proud of my friends at
Condé Nast Interactive and editor alexandra shulman for their great three amazing cover of UK Vogue and website with July Cover for Uma Thurman - Agyness Dyen - Victoria beckham – Sophie Dahl

I have to say they were my fav. covers for this year :)
I've been busy with photo shooting again - more to come later


enory said...

you've been tagged! :D :D

Fastidious Babe said...

i loved the uk cover.. actually they are all pretty fab!

and as for Fatima Al Qassimi.. i really like how she has a modern unique twist to her stuff.. been a fan of her work on facebook.. didn't get any of her pieces yet though!

fashionjaw said...

enory ooo thnks sweety - am new in tag thing :S

Festidious me 2 - hope to get one of her pieces soon